Urgent Works - 2014

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At the end of 2014 we managed to complete the urgent works. When The Morton Partnership undertook the structural survey they identified a number of urgent issues. These all centred around the roof and platform-side elevation, where the theft of lead flashing has allowed many decades of rain get inside the building and its walls.

A lot of the timber rafters, ceiling and floor joists have rotted and failed, leading to the platform-side wall starting to bow and lean out, meaning it was in danger of collapse.

There were also a number of issues with the roof, where tiles have failed and fallen away, leaving the timbers inside open to the elements; missing rainwater goods; and a large tree growing in the inner courtyard causing structural movement.

After some excellent fundraising by our Friends, and a number of grant applications, the Trust raised the necessary £12,000 to instruct our builder Wayne Snowling, under the supervision of The Morton Partnership, to complete the planned urgent works.

The works included:

  • Removing damaged tiles
  • Cutting out rotten timbers to roof
  • Replacing timbers and rebuilding roof line above platform-side wall with rubberised sheeting to replace missing lead flashing.
  • Adding new guttering to remove rain water
  • Placing rubberised sheeting under damaged tiles to make watertight
  • Removing the overgrown tree

Some internal urgent works were also undertaken, these were:

  • Cutting out rotten flooring
  • Placing new timber props to platform-side wall
  • Removing badly damaged brickwork

All original materials that have been removed have been kept and stored for use in the building restoration programme.

In this way the station building has been stabilised and made reasonably wind-and-weathertight so that no further deterioration internally and externally can take place. Our project will preserve the building in its present condition until the outcome of our funding applications for a full restoration are revealed in the next 12-18 months.

Below are selection of photographs taken during the urgent works.

External Photographs - click to view larger

Internal Photographs - click to view larger